Monday, March 22, 2010

Guess Hoes Blogging Now....

So I have officially stumbled across a thirsty hoe...and no, we will not pass her an Aquafina! To say that reading "Kat Stacks" blog was truly sad and pitiful is an understatement. This "thirsty hoe" not only exposed her whorish ways and sexual acts with each and every celebrity she has come across, from Bow Wow to Aaron Carter (yes, you read correctly.) In Aaron's case she states that she had to get drunk off Henny to go on her date and that she thought he was a drug addict, only to admit that she had sex with him, fake moans and all. *side eye* Whether these men lived in run down apartments, were minute men, were inchworms or drug addicts its very apparent that this chick will do some "strange thangs" for cab fare. ( That's the only thing she mentions that shes been given at all.)

So as I try to make sense of her fourth grade spelling (she should spend less time giving professionals and more time hooked on phonics) I realize that men in the entertainment business still haven't learned a thing from the Superhead debauchery. Kat Stacks has resorted to taking pictures of her twitter page to prove that she's been with Nelly, Bow Wow, Jae Millz and the list goes on. She's even photographed her text messages. Fellas you have to wake up a tad earlier because these hoes aint sleeping at all nowadays! LOL!

It's so sad that this chick truly has no self worth. At the end of her blog she proceeds to describe her abusive relationship with "Daddy" as she refers to her childs father. She includes photos of the scars on her wrist from her failed suicide attempts which she also attributes to "Daddy." He made her do it. Shaking my head at it all. If you're curious I'll add the link to her blog below. It's truly a sad day when illiterate hoes are blogging folks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Made by Mattel

It was bound to happen sooner than later. A diss to Nicki Minaj. And I have to confess Keys went in despite her lack of breath towards the end and both Rainbow shop jackets that she's wearing. (One coat would've sufficed.) *shrugs* I digress, the whole I am Sam, Sam I am Dr. Seuss style of rapping does nothing for me. Personal opinion. It's nice to see a female rapper that can actually spit. Now Keys just needs to build that stamina up, give her niece those jackets back and hit the studio. Kudos Keys...nicely done Ma. Now let's see if this illicit's the response you are clearly seeking. I understand, it's a dog eat dog world and if going in on the top female rapper gets your foot in the door than so be it! It's clearly more about image nowadays then talent anyway. Here's the link, have a look see.

Monday, March 15, 2010

When is enough truly enough?

As a divorced single woman dating has been nothing less than impressive. Meeting someone, logging in mad hours on the phone, swapping stories, filling your girls in on his stats to only find yourself back at square one in a matter of weeks becomes a pattern of adopted behavior. It's exhausting! When I'm on Facebook or Twitter I read more posts from women that are fed up, lonely, horny or jilted...and sometimes there are women that feel all of those things simultaneously. Speaking for myself I have grown very disillusioned by men as of lately. By no means am I man bashing, just expressing my frustrations.

Dates have somehow evolved into Blockbuster nights. Courting or wooing a woman has been replaced by the random text after 12am. Yes..the almighty booty call. Now there was a time in life when I welcomed the booty call, embraced it in fact. Divorced women like to get their groove back too! But those days are long gone. I'm 35 years old now. A woman of a certain age begins to want something of substance. The problem then becomes meeting the right man. I believe in leaving no stone unturned. Meaning any available man could potentially be the one. But what I've found myself faced with more often than not are what I like to call Deceptacons. Yes, a damn Transformer! This would be the man that you run home and call your girls excited like you just found a rare canary diamond, only to say after 2 dates, "Girl I knew there was a reason that fool was single!" Is it too much to ask that he's not insane, married, a drug addict, in the closet, abusive, a child molester and that his credits good!

Most of the men that I know are very much aware that they are a hot commodity, the ratio of Black men to Black women is 9-1, so they figure why settle? They can have a little of this one and a lot of that one without committing. At this very moment I could start my own dating service with all the beautiful, single, educated, professional friends that I have. Friends that haven't been proposed to. Ever. Which leads me back to the question at hand. When is enough truly enough? When do we start looking at alternatives? What are our alternatives besides settling for whoever comes along, switching teams or dating outside of our race? I've noted that some beautiful talented sisters have married outside their race. Halle Berry, Garcelle Beauvois-Nilon and Keesha Sharp. Personally I'm not opposed to trying something new, you can keep the marriage end of it (been there, has the divorce papers to prove it, lol) but it would be nice to be in love. What's a girl to do when her back's against the wall? I'd just like for one Black man to replenish my faith. Is that asking too much?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fly my!

So Mrs. Lil Mo became very upset with me last week. Honestly I meant no offense whatsoever and was only doing what I'd hope someone would do for me. Now let me explain this outright. I have a lot of friends that are in the business. Actors, models and comedians. I bite my tongue for no one. That's not me. I speak my mind and I am very honest. Mo is not my girlfriend per se but we've talked enough to where I didn't think she would react the way she did. So after asking a few friends if they thought I should share with her that the picture posted was not the most flattering I was told that I should. Any person that actually cared about a person in any capacity would. So I did. She flipped. Okay, back to me being friends with entertainers...I think we've all seen a photo of someone and thought, "why didn't someone tell them that's not a good look?" Well that's because the majority of the people in the business are fake. They surround themselves with opportunistic brown nosers that tell them what they want to hear. I don't play that. Okay, so she flips out and decided to pop fly. I don't play that either. So I told her what I really thought. You look like a Flying Monkey (from The Wiz). Well Mo decided to go futher with this and instead of speaking to me directly she enlisted her gays to do battle. *sighs* So after telling at least 3 of her generic bottom feeders to "die bytch die" I then shared a few choice words with the Flying Monkey herself. You see, I can be the nicest person in the world. But don't make me wouldn't like me when I'm angry! LOL!!