Monday, March 22, 2010

Guess Hoes Blogging Now....

So I have officially stumbled across a thirsty hoe...and no, we will not pass her an Aquafina! To say that reading "Kat Stacks" blog was truly sad and pitiful is an understatement. This "thirsty hoe" not only exposed her whorish ways and sexual acts with each and every celebrity she has come across, from Bow Wow to Aaron Carter (yes, you read correctly.) In Aaron's case she states that she had to get drunk off Henny to go on her date and that she thought he was a drug addict, only to admit that she had sex with him, fake moans and all. *side eye* Whether these men lived in run down apartments, were minute men, were inchworms or drug addicts its very apparent that this chick will do some "strange thangs" for cab fare. ( That's the only thing she mentions that shes been given at all.)

So as I try to make sense of her fourth grade spelling (she should spend less time giving professionals and more time hooked on phonics) I realize that men in the entertainment business still haven't learned a thing from the Superhead debauchery. Kat Stacks has resorted to taking pictures of her twitter page to prove that she's been with Nelly, Bow Wow, Jae Millz and the list goes on. She's even photographed her text messages. Fellas you have to wake up a tad earlier because these hoes aint sleeping at all nowadays! LOL!

It's so sad that this chick truly has no self worth. At the end of her blog she proceeds to describe her abusive relationship with "Daddy" as she refers to her childs father. She includes photos of the scars on her wrist from her failed suicide attempts which she also attributes to "Daddy." He made her do it. Shaking my head at it all. If you're curious I'll add the link to her blog below. It's truly a sad day when illiterate hoes are blogging folks.


  1. I read the bow wow account 90 mins of head- She needs a copy of hooked on phonics & a children's bible (watch the big words).- Kalla

  2. wtf?!? who the hell is this whore and why is he allowed to take up space on any website?