Thursday, September 17, 2009

What else could be more important? It's Fashion Baby!!

Come on Luv..tell the truth and shame the devil. You ever heard the term "if you have to ask you can't afford it?" Well feast your eyes on what I came across at the fabulous Jimmy Choo store on Rodeo Drive. All I could do was snap a photo and say ahhh...this truly must be heaven on Earth!

Ever since my daughter and I stumbled into the Coach store like two drunkards, high off all the double CC's and came across the Coach line of jewelry it's been love at first sight! Here are just a few pieces from the new line.

Coach Poppy Flowered Earrings $78.00

Coach Op Art Doomed Ring $78.00

Coach Poppy Flower Bracelet $168.00

Eye Candy

So!! I was still reeling from being so up close and personal with Terrell Carter when I came upon pics of these two Beautiful men together at a celeb party. Allow me to introduce you to Keston Karter! All I can say is this fine specimen of a man took my breath away immediately. He has gained the honor of being the first model/actor/joy to behold! Mmm...enjoy the view!!

Bobblehead the Media Attention Seeking Liar

Normally the things people will do to remain prevalent in the entertainment field fail to surprise me, with the exception of this bobblehead look a like commonly referred to as Tila Tequila. (yes, feel free to laugh now!) This media whore has proved time and time again that there's NOTHING she won't do for a dollar. (she'll love you long time.) Now don't get it twisted, I don't hate on anyone on their grind. Sex sells and that's a fact. What I do hate on is someone that tries to exploit someone else to get ahead. Domestic violence is a matter I take to heart. I've been a child of abuse and the spouse of an abuser. Too many times I've had the police at my home taking my ex husband away in cuffs. Too many times I've sat in court while attorneys questioned me, looked at photographs of bruises and wondered to myself how did I become another Anna Mae Bullock. So to hear that this Wonder Whore lied on Shawne Merriam, made a citizens arrest, (didn't know that you could actually do that anymore) only to have the San Diego District Attorney's Office dismiss the charges just proves that the fat lady has definitely sang and the curtain has come down on Tila's 15 minutes of fame. (Is that what it really was?) To add insult to injury this piece of filth actually feels like she can identify with women such as myself, who knows the impact of a fist against a face, who's had hands wrapped around their throat while the one who proclaims to love you is trying to steal away the very air we breathe. Excuse me? Merriam laid hands on her but there were no bruises until after the fact? Have you not seen the size of this man in comparison to this lying leprechaun? Enough said. After she failed to get her spotlight with the "poor little ole me was abused by the big angry black man" she took it a step further and waged a Twitter and blogging campaign against not only Merriam, but added Chris Brown to the mix to really spice things up. Rihanna should bitch slap her for trying to compare their "attacks" in any way, shape or form. Personally I believe she may have gotten aid in her bruising from one of her Tila Army weirdos. I mean seriously, what could this Basic Bitch have to say that you would find so interesting and cause you to join her "Army?" As Chris Breezy so eloquently tweeted, "your 15 minutes are up..God bless." Domestic violence is a serious and at times fatal matter not to be taken lightly in between tweets. For someone that was so devastated and hurt she sure kept the tweets coming. If you all know me from my tweets there's a special phrase I have..something of an invitation that I'd like to say/give to la grande cabeza. "Die bitch die already!" Yes, I may sound a bit extreme but that's how strongly I feel about the matter. I'd also like to extend a P.S.A to all the athletes out there. if you haven't noticed your arm candy is playing for keeps. Translation: These broads are taking you down by ANY MEANS NECESSARY! You might want to run these women through psychiatric profiling before you decide to make them "wifey."

Beyonce's response to Kanye...hilarious!!

So as I surf my normal gossip sites for my daily ha-ha's at the bafoolery celebrities tend to display, I come across this video. Hilarity ensues as she sips her drink and holds her nose to get the full effect! Hope you all enjoy as well as I did.


Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

We all are aware of the economic crisis our country is facing. Some claim to not be affected by the recession while others are experiencing lay-offs, early retirement and buy-outs. The latter would be the current situation with the company I am employed with. Being excessed (or transferred) to an unknown post office within a 100 mile range is the issue I now face. Now you may say it doesn't matter where I am transferred to as long as I have a job and I won't dispute that. The fact remains that I am very blessed to have the job I have, especially as a single mother of 3. My income has kept my children and myself above water for over 5 years now. But there are things in this life that I have not had the opportunity to experience. I have found a true talent and passion for writing. I also have a knack for networking and meeting people that others wish they could. I've toyed with the idea of getting involved in the entertainment business and with my daughters talent for acting I see this in my immediate future. After a few vacations to Los Angeles I have fallen completely in love with California and would love to relocate there. "It be calling me man.." Like Pookie in New Jack City, lol! So with that being said along with the changes with my job I feel inclined to seize the opportunity and take my chances in La La land. This may not be the best time to move to Cali with the state being in economic crisis but how long do we defer our dreams? Will there ever be a "right" time? Feel free to share your opinions..Do I stay or do I go?